How to Get Solar: The Purchase Process

Site Evaluation

site evaluation to get solar

solar system site evaluation

Do you want to get solar?  Horizon Solar, LLC provides one of the most thorough and precise solar site evaluations in the industry.  A trained professional will visit your property and conduct the following:

  • Assessment of power needs based on previous utility bills and anticipated increases or decreases in energy utilization.
  • Determination of the ideal PV system installation location based on customers’ preferences and logistical considerations (shading issues, roof condition, etc.)
  • A complete analysis of your solar exposure from multiple points of the proposed PV system location using digital imaging from a Solar Pathfinder.
  • Identification of significant shading objects with time of day and month they will impact a potential system.

The initial site evaluation can usually be conducted within a few days of contacting Horizon Solar, LLC, depending on weather and customer availability.

System Design

solar system design plansNumerous variables must be considered when designing a PV system in order for you to get solar.  Information obtained in the Site Evaluation will be used to produce a detailed site analysis and system proposal which will include the following:

  • Energy Consumption Profile: evaluates typical energy use and associated costs
  • Recommended PV System: details system size, major components, and estimates the electrical production.
  • PV System Costs: details equipment and installation costs, less all applicable Federal, State and utility rebates.
  • Financial Analysis: provides a system financial analysis which details direct savings, system payback, positive cash flow, annual rate of return, and home value increase.
  • Environmental Benefits: describes the positive benefits of owning a PV system attributed to reduced emissions (e.g. greenhouse gases).

The comprehensive system design will occur within 1 week of contacting us.

Contracts and Permits

signing contracts and permit applicationsPrior to installation, to get solar it is important to secure all necessary construction permits and obtain pre-approval for the utility (PSEG) rebates.  All paperwork will be drafted and submitted by Horizon Solar, LLC.  The following are the steps in the process:

  • A contract between Horizon Solar, LLC and the customer will be drafted.  It will detail system costs, payment schedule, and system warrantees.
  • Horizon Solar, LLC will submit the “PSEG Rebate Application Form”, in order to get pre-approval for the PV system rebates.  We will prepare the necessary paperwork for the net-metering contract with PSEG.
  • We will provide the customer with information regarding the Federal and State tax credit programs. We advise that you contact a tax attorney to verify your eligibility with the tax credit programs.
  • Horizon Solar, LLC will obtain information on applicable local building codes, and acquire all necessary building permits for the PV system.  An additional site visit will be conducted with a licensed engineer to ensure the PV system can safely be installed to building codes.

Due to the wait time associated with building permits and pre-approval from PSEG regarding the rebate, this step takes approximately 6-8 weeks.


installing solar panels on roofOnce approval for building permits and rebates have been approved, installation may commence. The following summarizes the final steps allowing you to get solar:

  • PV system equipment will be ordered, and delivered to the local distributor.  Installation by a professional and courteous team will occur within 2 weeks of equipment availability.
  • All necessary inspections (electrical and structural) will be performed as per building and fire codes.
  • All necessary paperwork will be submitted to PSEG, who will conduct a field inspection.  Upon approval of the PV system, PSEG will change out your meter to a “net meter” which is capable of running backwards as you produce energy.
  • Horizon Solar, LLC will conduct a free PV system check-up each year for 5 years to ensure that it is running as efficiently as possible.

Procuring the equipment and installing the PV system takes approximately 2 weeks, depending on equipment availability.  The inspections associated with getting an electrical inspection certificate and closing out the building permit can take up to 2 months to complete.